Animation is one of the most misunderstood types of creation and we aim to change that. Technique is only a part of the process, what really makes an animation is a great story. Thats what we love, encouraging people to tell their story and explore their imagination.

We offer both digital and stop-motion sessions. Each session is tailored to the individuals' ability, experience and interests. So far we have supported individuals to make both short animations as part of a first time experience and long digital movies. 


Animation Anthology Series


The Animation Anthology series is created by a group of first time animators. Each volume of the anthology is dedicated to different types of animation.


Individual Animators


We are lucky to work with a few individuals to assist them in creating their own animations.

Two such people are Callum & Tom.



Callum, who is creator of animated cartoons such as "The Adventure Of Bimbo" & "Marvin The Robot Detective" is interviewed by Rebecca Cunningham. Originally aired as part of "The Adventures of Bimbo" Ep9 which can be found by following this link.

Callum is extremely talented and loves creating a stop-motion world based around the goings on of a place called "Apple Town". Callum's character Bimbo and friends have been on many adventures and each episode he produces is better than the last. Every episode is written, directed and animated by Callum and he also records all the voices for the characters and chooses which music will go with the scenes he has created.


Here we present a limited series created by one of our animators Tom Armstrong who is an extremely passionate and talented individual who works at an incredible rate. He has probably animated 2 films in the time it has taken you to read this.

Tom has this to say about the animated series.

“Here is my first look of my first mini-series project "Deputy Warmwell" Based on Warmwell by Parkdean This is my first Mr. Parkdean spin off into the series.”